The Secret

by The Good Life on January 24, 2010

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So after watching many other films, and books dedicated to where your headed in life, a reccomendation was given to me entitled “The Secret”. Much like other writers have commented aswell that you get what you aim for. It even says it in the Bible in John 1:1-3 that “Words become Flesh” and the film (adapted from the book) explores this theory.

Robert Kiyosaki the real estate developer also constantly says if you want to become something you should have a mindset which dictates what you are. So for example, I am a real estate developer would be something Kiyosaki would have said as he started out. It is all based on the law of attraction, that what you think about, you will attract. Try it.
Funnily enough though, its true. Throughout, it says, it doesnt matter if you dont know how but if you have the goal, the rest will follow. I remember after a skiing trip with school at the age of 16 or 17 I tried Snowboarding one day, and I came down and the first thing I remember saying when I got in the bus was “I am going to do a season” Most people didnt even know what a season was, and being well behind in our GNVQ at sixth form, most people thought it wouldnt be possible, but with that goal, I worked overtime for the remaining 18 months, and well, there I was that December in Val D’isere whilst my friends at sixth form were still trying to finish the GNVQ. So I guess it does hold a lot of relevance, anyways anything which makes you think about life in general is good for the mind.
It features some rather hippy looking people all who have aimed for a goal and it come true, so I am going to follow their lead, and set some goals.
Oh yeah. 1 week in. 2kgs down. Not bad, no chocolate, no beer, no heavy lunches, no big dinners, and no snacking… here we go…

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