A day off, A day on the hill!

by The Good Life on February 14, 2010

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This is where I call Home.

So on Saturday, after watching Swansea destroy Newcastle on Sky, Tom popped over and said he was going up early on Sunday shredding so I thought I might test out my new wing, and go up the hill to film Tom, and take a couple of very mellow runs in between.

As you can see the park is in amazing shape right now, the jumps are so good, and I would be so stoked to drop some shapes off these beauties…

This is one of the men responsible for the park, and todays subject of my filming, Tom West. Up early and ready to shred!!

After 3 hours filming (basically standing around with a camera in my hand) you can imagine I was in need of a rest…

This is the classic shot from the Horberg lift, what a gorgeous day…
This guy didnt play yesterday, but just found it anyways, legend once again on the good life.
What a great weekend, football, lots of rest, snowboarding, few drinks and friends.
By the way get well soon to my Valentines Lady Miss Blume xxx

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