ISPO 2010

by The Good Life on February 9, 2010

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So ISPO the winter tradeshow kicked off on Sunday, and there was the obligatory “hey how are you? hows your season etc etc” followed by lots of meetings with magazines, riders, media then promptly followed by The Drunken Masters playing on the Forum stand. As always it was epic times, and with Joe and Chrissie providing the beats the place went off. In 5 hours we gave out 3500 beers, and 20 schnapps, and had a whole heap of carnage. Drew Stevenson came up and started a beer war, and there was people jumping off other booths, breaking stuff, and just generally having a good time.
Our theme is “You’re Welcome” so Rider of the year, your welcome, video of the year, your welcome, 3500 free beers, your welcome…
Here are a few pics I found from Moritz Gastl, and so enjoy these and there will be a video along later….
Well they say Sex Sells, so this is one of our new boards…
This was around 8pm when things were going wild on the stand, it was packed with people all looking for a good time…
The Beer war was pretty wild
You’re Welcome, You wanna buy some stuff up in Northern Germany? This is your rep, living the dream (Andi Jongen in the Black T shirt)
The Drunken Masters, in the mix…. Apologies to the guys for the beer going everywhere!

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