by The Good Life on February 14, 2010

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So with ISPO still fresh in our weary minds and bodies, I thought I should just upload a few pictures of how our stand looked, pretty amazing job design wise, and super happy with how it worked.

Obviousy as you can see the theme is “Your Welcome” which is related to the fact we won video of the year, rider of the year for John Jackson, and well we gave away 3500 beers in 5 hours so yeah, “Your Welcome”

This is the worlds super rep from Austrian, the legendary Danny T finding some whack stuff that Atomic think have “revoloutionised” snowboarding. ISPO is always full of all kinds of bad brands doing lame stuff. This is the best example. Atomic take a bow.

Marian, Bene and Mandie Fresh all getting on the sales tip.

On the way home there was “schnee chaos” in Munich and so the next morning we were greeted by snow at the office! How nice it all looked, here is Mareike in her winter wonderland!

This is the video from ISPO which Prendi made. Just good times..

Forum goes to ISPO from Forum Snowboarding Europe on Vimeo.

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