Riverjump, Livigno

by The Good Life on February 28, 2010

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So Friday afternoon, me and the boss Marian, jumped in our Italian ride, a nice Alfa Romeo, and headed for Italy. Every year the Riverjump represents the best event in Italy, and so we good to get down there to meet some people, check out the riding, and well, be pushed onto the snow to MC. It was a good event as always, and Pietro the Burton guy in Italy did an amazing job as every year in having the event so well designed.
Joni, Niki and Hampus turned up in Livigno too, so we had a nice few drinks on Friday night, great to see them all on fine form..
This is the tunnel into Livigno. On Saturdays its open till 9am then closed to outgoing traffic until 4pm, so its wake up at 7am or nothing.

This was the actual river jump, there is also a 20m kicker above it.

Now you may have heard about how quickly it has got warm in Austria. 10 days ago there was snow in Innsbruck, enough to do rails infact, and now it has gone from around minus 6 to plus 12 in around a week. So with some snow on Friday we thought driving back to Innsbruck we might be blessed with some snow on the side of the roads. This is how it is in Switzerland, 1.5 hours from Innsbruck
And this is half an hour into Austria, so only 1 hour away it goes from snow, to Summer time.
Today its windy as hell so we couldnt go riding, but we are gonna head for some sauna time later I think 🙂

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