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These pictures some up today, beautiful snow, some hiking, and a few friends. Thats what Sundays should be about! After about 36 hours of snow around 20-30cms of snow fell and so with our trusty powder hounds crew we headed over to Zell am Ziller, and ended up dropping, bonking, slamming, slashing, spraying, cruising, and in Prendis case, falling off a chair lift.
This shot is in the running for cover of a well known magazine for next season.

Jason Horton doing what he does best – getting some! Japan from 1989

With Jason intow you always know that he is gonna jump off whatever comes in his way, and this cliff drop was a good example.
Prendi – “Yeah you should drop that”
Jason – “Where”
Prendi – “Just point it that way”
Jason – “What into those bushes on the edge of the cliff?”
Prendi – “Yeah and just ollie and make sure you dont clip the rock on the way”
Everyone “Ha ha”
Jason – “Dropping”
Jason then drops and lands in pretty flat heavy afternoon snow and goes straight over the front, in what Germans would call a piggy roll… Love it…
This was Prendi mid air…
Another time he was mid air was when he fell off the chair lift. In 12 years of riding mountains, I have never ridden the lift with anyone who accidentaly fell off a chair lift, Today it happned!
With a 6 man lift most with bags, we all put our bags down and it can be said I was probably an arse cheek to far to my left, so then Prendi put his bag down, and then, only half his body, infact half a bum cheek of his was supposed to be keeping the whole of him on the lift, and so as the lift gathered speed, Prendi looked at me like a lamb to the slaughter and then he was gone, but not before making a last ditch attempt to wrangle with his rucksack.
At the top, in amoungst all the banter, we asked why he was fighting so hard to keep his backpack. “Well I had to have a tab on the way up” Genius.
This is Johannes, who also looks a lot like Jake Welch in his riding style, and ability to take flat landings.

The Dream Team

Stepahanie, Kim, Johannes, Jason, Toby, Prendi and of course me, but I am taking this breathtaking photography.

No its not a 7d.
Thanks for an epic Sunday!
jason February 21, 2010 at 8:45 pm

what an amazing day! fun and freshies and friends and prendi falling off a chairlift.

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