The Great Fugen Social Experiment

by The Good Life on February 3, 2010

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At times on the way home from events I have spotted every now and then at Mcdonalds in Fugen in a Sunday which by the way is “the nicest Mcdonalds in the whole world” according to my father, and whilst it may be nice, if you have the misfortune to stumble in there on a Sunday it can be quite shocking, and pretty much an example of how people can turn from relatively normal people into rude, unpolite and dirty people, who think nothing of throwing food/drink/children on the floor and letting the poor staff clear up the mess.
So now I prefer to make a run for the sanctity of home and rustle something up from the cupboards.
The things I have seen have always made me winch there, but I though today, on an average Wednesday a stop in Fugen would be fairly safe.
Oh the mistake. I decided on a quick swim to see if my arm is fixed yet or if I still swim round in circles because of the loose wing, but as I got to the entrance I knew the game was up, it was busy, with lots of people who looked like they hadnt seen much sun, and all had excess facial hair, even the women, who most of whom had some rather strange swim suit, which ranged from the big grandma number, to the bikini with the bottoms, resembling a thong as the material clung on to some poor Russian womens ass as she frolicked in the bubbles, there was a lot of bikini tops designed in the late 80s, and clearly these womens boobs had been designed a good few years and sizes later as there was no end of saggy women bobbing around.
I also noticed a 2 piece meets 1 piece which was like something beyonce might wear, however this women wasnt Beyonce, not by a long shot my old chesnut. More like Berrel from the block. This woman. What do you take swimming with you? Your towel, maybe a book for chilling afterwards? She brought her baby sitter with her, whom she shouted at most of the time at the pool.
The women in question, looked 1 million and 1 miles away from this.
The men went from the mal nourished chaps who look like they have just clocked off working on Chernoybel to the definitely over fed chaps, who just have to look at the pool and the water starts moving in anticipation.
The blokes in question, didnt look far removed from this chap.
The whole thing was quite rough really, and the wing didnt stand much chance to get any swim practice what with a million and one people and their mates trying to dry hump each other in the pool (strange, how you would never mount another man, out of the water, yet underwater its regarded as OK?) and the women whos boobs were floating a few feet in front of them.
This is how the experiment looked, strange looking
blokes and women of various sizes in too little, for too long
Enough I said, and I took myself home for some soup. If you want to read an amazing blog about food check this, from Nick Baines aka the boy

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