by The Good Life on February 2, 2010

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Its one of those things living in a resort town, that crops up time and again, just like people wasted at 6pm at the apres ski on the way home from work, and people on holiday driving slow and walking in the middle of the street.
One of the joys to behold is people wearing matching outfits.
I mean what goes through your head to think “you know what, that jacket the mrs is wearing is quite fetching, I might get me one”
Google didnt seem to understand my command of “matching ski jackets” in its image library, but it did find this beauty
Another thing which brings a smile to my face, is the fact that Wigan, signed 2 players in the transfer window, and had a FA Cup replay tonight, and could only attract 3000 of the crumby fans to make the journey along to the DW stadium.
You know what? To make matters even better they were playing Notts County of the 2nd divison, which in case the Spanish waiter doesnt know, is 4 leagues beneath the premier league.
Oh how I laugh at his demise at the hands of Wigan. I dont want him to do bad, but just have a bad taste in his mouth once he gets his team relegated, the same way he left our great club with a bad taste…
The Swans are currently in the play off spots and with some more creativity and counter attacking play, hopefully we can stay there…. That, and Paolo needs to have Joe Allen on a bit more. Leon Britton might have stayed, but the key is Pratley and Joe Allen.
Joe Allen. Legend.

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