I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…

by The Good Life on March 25, 2010

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Following on from Mr Peter Weavers in depth analysis, I thought I would add my own 2pence worth.

This is a good way to show it…
Imagine. This ship was sailing along just fine, it didnt hit anything but it had a small hole which didnt get fixed by the mechanics. Slowly but surely the hole got bigger but the ship was still sailing so no one cared. One side of the ship was the invited guests, who got heavier day by day, until their side of the ship tipped over slightly, Then all of a sudden the guests of the ship felt the ship rock and tilt, people panicked and that meant they all ran to the side, and before you know it there was water gushing in.
This is where we find the UK economy today. Sinking slowly, without anyone prepared to stand up and take action for what the problems are:-
Too many Lazy people on benefits
Too many people in Public Services
Too little incentive being given for making money. It seems if you make money like “the bankers” you should be rooted out and shot, even though your propping up the other idols buggers in the country.
Then the government to rectify the problem, since they have come to power have made tax hikes so that the top end of soceity are 12% worse off, and the poorest are 15% better off. Any idea what that means if it keeps going?

Go check out his new film Capitalism, A love story

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