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by The Good Life on March 28, 2010

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Some weeks ago, during Idol banter, Peter Konig and me where like “wouldnt it be amazing if Pete Doherty came to play in Munich again” and then he went on his iphone, and within seconds, the news came up that he was to play at the Weekender in Innsbruck!!! So after many days spent wondering if he would show up, we all headed down on Saturday afternoon, to get in amoungst it.
We got to the Weekender around 6pm to get the tickets, and were greeted by this Rugby scrum of a que. A bit of British orderlyness would have sorted this out but it was everyman for himself so we made our way but just as we got to the front, they said sold out! Only 250 tickets! Luckily having worked with the club on Forum events we managed to get in on the guestlist, super stoked – Thanks for that guys!
Thats what a que looks like to see Pete Doherty.
So after a quick curry we made our way into the club, downstairs to see that there was maximum 300 people in there, so we were super lucky to be able to watch him perform. He has such an amazing stage prescense, not in a rock star kind of way, but just as a bloke, who loves to sing and play his guitar and is regarded by people as a legend, even though he himself probably doesnt think he warrants it. Its this which draws such affection from the crowd, and he keeps bantering throughout his set, with stories of sleeping in bunkbeds, taking trains and getting cigarettes from the crowd.
Lots is said and written about Pete Doherty, and the media just seem to be ready to jump on him all the time. For sure he has his well documented substance problems, and after dealing with problems like that in my days in the care industry I can only feel sympathetic for that.
I find it all quite ironic though, as people are super quick to demonize him, and jump on the bandwagon to run him down, yet I am sure many of those same people, work in London, and have done their fair share of drink, drugs and whatever they may find, and so sometimes that stuff I find hypercritical. Then you have people like the Daily Mail, who demonize anyone who isnt a renewable energy car driving, green who helps the aged and is a vicar, although even the church are in trouble right now anyways.
The main thing is, whatever may be said about his activities, he is talented as hell, and in that respect we have someone who in my opinion is a living legend. I am sure that whilst there has been so much praise lavished upon the gallacher brothers from Oasis, in 50 years when people look back it will be Pete Doherty who people look back on in the same vein as John Lennon and Paul McCartney, and not the two argueing northerners who havent managed to release a good album since Definitely Maybe, which by the way is the record of the 90s in my opinion.

Rachel even managed to get a picture with him afterwards, he was that close.
Pete Doherty is definitely an enigma, and if you have the chance to see him live make sure you do it, he came on stage, and played, smoke, drank, laughed, joked, sung for a good 2 hours, and the quality was amazing. You know often when you see a band play infront of 20,000 people the sound is horrible, and you have people in your way, this was something amazing. With so few people, you were within touching distance, and so you felt like it was something special with everyone else in the club.
For that the Weekender need a lot of credit as they ensured that the event was one of the best live music acts that Innsbruck has ever seen. When Pete was playing in the Libertines and Babyshambles it was often noted that he would enjoy playing in local pubs and even his own appartment and just inviting people round to spend an evening. And so in that respect the Weekender Club made sure, it represented the personal local feeling instead of anything too big.
There was music from his solo career, from his Libertines days including “what a waster” and also Babyshambles with “Deliverance” amoungst some other amazing songs. All on his own, except one Bob Marley song where the general came up on stage to support him and give it some of his flavour.
This was recorded last night from someone who had a much better camera than me….
His music, especially from the new album Grace/Wastelands is really beautiful, and retains his themes including, as noted on wikipedia

A frequent lyrical theme for Doherty is Albion, the ancient name for Great Britain. Doherty also uses ‘Albion’ as the name of a ship sailing to a utopia called Arcadia, a place without rules or authority. Doherty and Barât shared a flat in London, at 112a Teesdale Street, Bethnal Green, affectionately known as ‘The Albion Rooms’, despite being rather run down. Doherty named his diaries, in which he writes poems and other thoughts, the Books of Albion.

This means that his opening line on the album refers to this land “Arcady”

“In Arcady, your life trips along
It’s pure and simple as the shepherd’s song
Seraphic pipes along the way in Arcady
In Arcady
Never saw I such a scene
Such maids upon such a molten green
They employ their holiday with dance and game
And things I may never name
In Arcady”

ln much of his work aswell, there are strong references to his relationships with Kate Moss, drugs, alcohol and to other works of art which he appreciates, as you see on the lyrics to “Sheepskin Tearaway” which he played at the end of the night, in a hauntingly beautiful way…

“She opened her heart
To a tearaway, (sheepskin tearaway)
Was covered in scars
And full of heroin
Everyone said from the start
Not one single thing, could ever be OK
She didn’t listen any way…”

This was an amazing evening, made even better by the fact that when we went upstairs to the bar he came up and had couple of schnapps with us, and just mingled, no rockstar attitude, just looked like a bloke who wanted a pint. Or a schnapps of course. Sani Alibabic getting amoungst it with Pete and the General in the background.
This was one of the last songs of the night, amazing.
Thanks everyone for one of the best nights ever, thank you Mareike for taking way better pictures than me, and if your all lucky I will upload me and Mareike singing at 3am on the way home, slightly worse for wear, depends if its a quiet good life week or not….

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