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After a good few drinks on Friday night, after the BBQ at Burton, me and Peter West made some rather hasty plans to make first lifts. Now after beer, champagne, wine, schnapps and some Jagermeister, settling upon this plan over a “hofer baileys” this seemed a great idea. Obviously next morning, it seemed like it had been organised by local council, and not really planned out, because we were both dealing with some hefty hangovers, so after some texts to Tom on the hill (working since 7am) we heard rumours of new snow, as it had been raining down in the Burgstall rooms all Friday.
When we got up the hill we were greeted with this view! Amazing, they had groomed the slopes, and then it had snowed 20cms fresh and so me and Peter West, here on in reffered to as the “hired powder hounds” set to it.
This was 8.45 am on Saturday Morning, Peter West ripping out a turn in the fresh. The baby tour got slain by me and Peter the weekend warriors. The snow was good up high, but a bit heavy lower down, but all in all a pretty amazing time to get to ride some pow after I thought my winter had ended on Decembr 12th.

This is a little secret spot that we took on, and is known as “the greatest turn in the valley” which I managed to loose, my internal GPS system was turned off as it tried to flush out the booze from friday.
This is some extreme footage we captured on our day of powder shredding, with Peter West riding, jumping off some huge cliff, and getting taken down by the deep pow, with me providing the follow cam action. I could probably sell this to the extreme channel.

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