The Budget Reaction with Senor Weaver

by The Good Life on March 25, 2010

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(We occasaionally allow special guests onto the Good Life, and this week it is none other than Senior Jiggaman, aka Peter Weaver. More wordly and knowledgable than me, so I thought I would share his morning email with the world)

‘Good Morning Jonathan

I have read a bit about the budget and it was an abject failure to come to terms with the financial mess we are in – never mind comparing with other less well off countries but this lot are hell bent on destroying the country.

No comment about how we are going to repay our debts – one figure I picked up on was a saving of £550M – yes million on reduced staff sickness in the NHS – no-one can explain how they got to that figure or indeed how they will achieve it. The markets did not like this so sterling and sterling bonds are being sold so watch sterling fall until after the election.

They will not tackle the unemployed or the benefits cheats as they are relying on those people to vote Labour – what a shower. If they say they will make savings they reckon the money saved will be spent elsewhere NOT reduce debt !!!!!!

They are taking away any form of ‘get up and go’ with an army of people in the public sector who are there to stop you doing anything – what my common sense asks is how does the government expect a burgeoning public sector to be paid for from an ever decreasing private sector. I would exepct some city firms to move their base overseas – did you know that the city provides 25% of all the corporation tax in the country and yet they are made out to be greedy !!

In short a waste of time – nothing to do with running the country – our debt by 2015 will be £1.5 trillion – no-one asks what the interest is on that figure – put another 5p on petrol, fags, booze etc.

Quite simply they could not run a tap never mind the economy.

Sorry to be a pain but that is the truth

Would you be smiling if your case weighed 170 billion pounds? We are quickly becoming a laughing stock of Europe.

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