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by The Good Life on March 21, 2010

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So there has been a few lack of updates recently due to some busy times but to get back on track here goes with X Games in France, this was the first time that X Games had been done in Europe, and with Tignes as the chosen resort there was a lot of eyebrows raised at the decision, but after this week, it proved that it was the perfect location. With a huge slopestyle course with 7 jumps in a row, and a 22foot halfpipe all designed by Gunny and Frank Wells from Snowpark Technologies, the set up was pretty good, and being right in town, meant that there could be a lot of people watching the event live, in the viewing areas or from the slopes.

Big Hasi was in the house, showing just how much bigger he is than everyone else in the business.

Haldorr was rocking some serious looking facial hair, with a half moustache

The Dream Team was also in the house, Jay Issacs, Bryan Knox and myself, getting ready to go and do some pisteing. We even tried some off pisting in between x-gaming

Iouri was on fire since the Olympics, and learnt some new tricks which he brought out here including a double mctwist 12, and couple of double corks, and so basically walked away with the pipe title! Congrats Ipod!

Then we have the story of the drive. Well, Prendi was tired and Hungry, Mario was tired, so I jumped in and drove the first part, well to Geneva which normally takes 3.5 hours but took around 6 in the end. This was pretty much how it went.
Traffic. Lots of Traffic.

Mario getting out to survey the situation of the traffic.

Prendi in between snoozes getting out to smoke, and also in Bourg St Maurice, he got out of the car whilst at lights to go to get food, so hungry was the man, it was that or nimbling on Marios ear.

And yes, in europe you can smoke at Petrol stations. Weird? A little.
So all in all X Games was amazing, really surprised with how well Tignes pulled it together, even if it was a little heavy on the security front, and the altitude kinda gets everyone, but pretty much those guys have done an amazing job, so well done.

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