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So for all of you who keep up with the good life on a regular basis, you will know that for the last 5 years I have been living, breathing, eating, sleeping, riding, jumping tweaking and basically living Forum whilst working out of Innsbruck. I also threw a few jiggaflips along the way aswell as above. I even rode for the brand for 3 years before working for them, and honestly I couldnt have imagined a better time.

There was an amazing crew working at the brand in the states from the old guard including Chief, Dan McNamara, Evan, Rob to the current crew of Bryan Knox Kevin Keller, Sam and David and Damien all of whom live and breath the brands. In Europe with Marian, Gina, Caro, Belinda, Daniel and Toby it was a strong team, and in each country we had some of the best reps about in Rob, Hannes, Andy, Daniel, Oriol, Cedric, Jens, Erik, Pietro and many more supporting them to make sure they make the brands what they are today.
In Innsbruck, the crew all the way from Hermann to Eli who tunes the boards, to the guys in the store, to Hasi, Birgit and everyone else in involved you guys are what makes the company work so well.
These are some of the memorable times we shared at ispo, on the hill, parties, on the road, with the team

On the On the team front I had the pleasure of working with some of my heroes when i started including JP Walker to current heroes like Pat Moore to Andreas Wiig and of course the crew that we built in Europe.  Working with guys like Daniel Ek, Peter König, Ethan Morgan, Niki Korpela, Mario Käppeli, Gerben, Simon Gruber, Jan Scherer, Jesse Augustinus and Sparrow Knox has been my absoloute pleasure. Seeing them all grow has been an amazing thing to be part of and so to all those guys, serious props for everything its been amazing.


This was the mail i sent to them all, reminding them of the
 times we shared 🙂

Like all good things though, eventually they have to come to an end, and so I have switched up and I am very happy to annouce that I will be working with the crew at

There is a great crew in place, with an amazing long term vision, with the resources to support snowboarding, and really push it. Right now there are too few companies in the industry actually doing anything about supporting grass roots of snowboarding, or even people paying riders properly, and so when brands come in to do it right, it breathes fresh energy into the sport. There are way too many brands who come in and just position themselves as “core, but lets try and take marketshare, without doing any marketing or supporting grass roots”. To be part of a company who can shape snowboarding in the coming years is a big thing, and I am stoked to be part of it.

This is some of the stuff they have done recently with Gjermund, which came out amazing, and a nice welcome to the team! Stoked to be working with this guy from now on!

This is some of the stuff that has been going on with Nike Snowboarding, which is crushing it right now, and the boots are amazing.

Meanwhile with Nike as a brand they also have some pretty creative stuff going on
of course there is also the MVPuppets aswell
So there we have it. From now on I will be in 6.0 Outerwear loving snowboarding as much as ever, tweaking out methods, and loving the good life.

These are a few of the memorable shots of the last 8 years…

Thats a frontside 270 kids, 8 years ago. Still cant do it? Keep trying, your TM was doing them when you were 8. Henry Jackson watching on

This is the shot I was most happy with, taken in Axamer Lizum way back when. Document even made a cover from this. Good times, thanks again Nick Baines for helping hook this up, I seem to remember hitting the schussel afterwards…

This was last year, as a weekend warrior, with tom and Gary just shredding pow pow on a sunday! Plenty more of these to come I hopeThanks to everyone from Burton for the last 5 years, it has been amazing, and I hold very very special memories about my time with the company. Thank you one and all and heres to the future.

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