Snowbombing Day 1

by The Good Life on April 6, 2010

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What else would you wear to a party? Thats not me or anyone we know by the way.

Snowbombing Rolled into town again this weekend, with the annual Snowbombing drive from the UK to Mayrhofen. This year in a slight change they made a nice gesture by having a free party with DJ Zinc, Urban Knights and Breakage. We gave the BBQ a quick go before hand to warm up and then headed to town for some dancing!

This is Rachel and a very big man, who seemed to be swedish but was English, just with big shoulders. There is also someone scary in the nearground!

Innsbruck was represented by shredders Alex Beer and Tobias Magreiter, getting down and seeing what Snowbombing is all about.

A warm up night was a great idea from snowbombing so everyone could see what its about, although meant there were a few weary heads in the morning.

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