Snowbombing Day 2

by The Good Life on April 6, 2010

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As you will start to see these posts will revolve around, music, the people on snowbombing and what they wear the whole time. Unless its completely random and impractical, it wont make the blog….. Therefore the winner of last nights efforts is this pair….
Me and Henry were asked by the good folks at snowbombing to host the King of the Mountain, Battle of the Bands in the Narnia room at the Racket Club. Its an amazing venue with everything from the Lion the witch and the wardrobe including the Wardrobe to walk through, jackets to get through, and even a Forest. Once inside there were different sheds, which people seem to use as private dance parties…. These guys had it dialled, simply “a 10 second rave in a shed”

The 4 bands were really good, and I have some video I will post thanks to the good people at Sony who have given us Bloggie cameras to keep, how nice of them….
Each band played a great set, and in between me and general Jackson would take to the stage, make some jokes, and keep people entertained, which at Snowbombing is easy as the crowd is so good.
After it was done, we headed next door to the main arena at the Racket Club for Andy C and MC GQ, who killed it! They were sooooooo good, it was a half hour dance off in between the fancy dress crew.
Once again thank you snowbombing!

This is a remix of a song I posted last week, which when they dropped this, everyone went wild!

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