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By Day, and by night

On Friday me and the good lady Blume hopped in the skodawagon and headed over to Italy for 24 hours of amazing food, great drinks, some culture, some shopping for the female half of the good life team and some more good food.

Its only 2 and half hours from innsbruck, and so worth a trip for anyone in the area. What I was told on the way, was that Verona was the setting of course for Romeo and Juliet, the play by Shakespeare. So it was a play but apparently it was a true story. Written by shakepeare, I wasnt sure if I understand, oh well, i got an A at GCSE for shakespeare so i must have known when it counted. But thanks to Wikipedia, it is based upon a true story, and was retold by shakespeare. Of course the film was remade in the 90s, with stunning effect.

So then. to the meat of the post…..

there was lots of stunning architecture
and of course Romeos House. He hasnt done much with the place in recent years though…

Of course there was shops. Shoes until you drop down here, every kind of high end brand imaginable.
and this is the actual balcony where Juliet lived, and so famously threw down her hair for Romeo. You can go over there for a picture, for a price of course, and there is a fashion for people to write on the walls and floors and leave love messages here everywhere at Juliets house..

You can leave your little message here for her….
and when she isnt busy having her boobs fondled by tourists she will read them all. You need to do this for good luck. Honestly. There was even a queue of people ready and waiting.

This is the trailer for the film. You shoud see this. If you didnt watch it at school for your gcses like me that is… Have a nice sunday!

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