Volcom European PBRJ Finals – Yihawwww!

by The Good Life on April 11, 2010

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Colonel Jackson was in charge of this hoe down! Yihaaaawwwww!

This is the new Rocks resort in Laxx, all very modern, but they forgot a few things, like windows which open in the bedrooms.

Volcom once again asked the banterbox to be present for their european finals of the Peanut Butter Rail Jam, this year held in the uber resort of Laax, Switzerland. Everything in Laax is directed towards snowboarding, and so the parks are great, there is images everywhere of snowboarding, and they hold events like this, the Burton European Open and Pleasure Spring Session (next week!).

We were on the road at 6am, trucking towards laax, stopped for some very ropey austrian breakfast in Feldkirch, honestly if anyone wants to make money, open a baguette shop in Austria with various fillings. We went for breakfast and the only savoury thing on offer was cheese rolls, i mean come on.,…. in the uk that was probably the norm in the 1920s, but this is 2010 Austria….
The set up was as every year pretty sweet, and simple, with 3 rails, and over 100 riders, so it made for a long day… There were riders from all across Europe, and so the level was super high, especially because the winners, can win a trip to Mammoth for the Global finals…
Henry and I had some pretty sweet outfits for the day, wíth Henry donning the look of an evil Mexican, whilst I had some kind of leather pants and a trashy look going on, must be said though, Henry had control of the whip a lot better than me though….
That was me trying to “whip” the crowd into a frenzy, but there was a lot of too cool for school people in Laax.
The event was as every year amazing, and stoked to be part of such a grass roots event which supports the next generation of snowboarding.
After the event, we were told we were staying in the riders palace, which for those of you have been will know the theory behind it is a lot nicer than the reality, which is with a nightclub underneath, a bar outside which is pretty loud, and bunkbeds…. You can see what the Colonel thought…

As always with Volcom the guys made sure all the kids had a great time, and even brought down a band from Sweden called Graveyard to rock out in the club underneath the riders palace, who did a great job of entertaining the assembled shredders!
Long Hair was a must.
Thanks as always for a great event Volcom!

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