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This is the new book i am reading from Gary Vaynerchuk.  Its a super easy read, and I have pretty much finished it in just two days.  Its basically the tale of how to harness the power of social networking, in terms of running your own blog, facebook and twitter all to build your own personal brand,  his being the wineshop which he took over from his parents as a 4m a year company and took it to to 50m in a couple of years by getting involved in the online community by creating Wine Library tv.  He makes lots of interesting suggestions, gives lots of real life examples, including the fact that he promises to reply to every email he ever receives (even if it my take a while)  it also tells the story, of how one dec 22nd when his store was super busy an angry customer from out of state called up to complain that she hadnt received her crate of wine.  So what did he do?  Drove it personally the 6 hours round trip to deliver it because he new the legacy that kind of action would create.

To find out more on the book check out
For information on two friends who are building their own personal brand and on their way to killing it, talking about what they love, the first being food check out who are about to launch a series of events and then the second is about fashion both are amazing resources, so keep up to date with them….

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