Election Time

by The Good Life on May 2, 2010

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So May 6th will see an election, when the people of Britain can actually vote for who they want to lead the country.  Gordon Brown is in power because Tony B.Liar decided to hang up his coat and gave power to one of the countries least inspiring people ever.

In marketing, you always look for in a bloke to sell product or be famous as:
women want to sleep with him
men want to be him
Do you think Gordon ticks either box?
Anyways.  We are left with him in charge, and he seems to be intent on bringing socialism into the country, as the way things are running now, if you want to better yourself, earn more, run a business, drive a car, doing anything apart from sit on your arse collecting benefits you will be penalised.
As an example of where he has got us.   In swansea, 40% of people dont work.  Of that I think around 40% of those jobless are out of work because they are on benefits “i have a bad back etc”.  Of the 60% that work, 40% work for the government.  So if we are saying there are 100 people of working age in swansea then:
36 work in private industry
24 work for the government (being paid with tax pounds from the private sector)
16 are on incapacity benefit,
24 are jobless
So there are 36 people working to provide tax income for the other 64 people to use for wages, benefits or jobless allowance.
Congratulations Gordon and Tony.  1 in 3 people is providing for 2 in 3.
So it looks like after the leaders debate and the campaigning that Gordon Brown has managed to shoot himself in the foot, repeatedly, calling voters Bigoted, looking bad in front of an audience, and just generally not really having a clue.  The Telegraph has a funny take on it all…
The problem is so far though, that no one seems to be ready to call the elephant in the room.  The country is 76 billion pounds in debt.  I mean, by any stretch of the imagination, we’re in trouble unless something is done.  Cuts to the public sector, cuts to the people on benefits, and promoting the idea of working hard for your money, and giving them the tools to prosper, however so far, no one seems to be ready to say how they will do it, as they are scared that they will scare people away.  Well you do it now, or on friday, but sooner or later they will know, so better live by the sword from now on.
Lib Dems seem to have a bloke in charge who people like, but if thats enough to win an election, we dont know, especially after he started reffering to Hitler midway through the campaign trail.
Conservatives, have a new logo, a man who runs daily in charge, and he at least seems to have more about him than Gordon Brown.  Cameron also seems to be ready to tackle issues which people want handling like inheritance tax thresholds and the numbers of people on benefits.

I just hope that the next government is prepared to take the tough decisions to get the country back on track, before we end up like greece is with our country with a junk status, or otherwise, with a hung parliament, we could see scenes like this in the house of commons…. Well at least it would show some passion.   I am just like “where did they get the umbrellas from?”

Here is a last thought for you all….
Imagine instead of Gordon Brown, Nick Clegg and David Cameron, we were choosing between 3 business leaders, for example Alan Sugar, Richard Branson and Peter Jones?
At least we would know they have lived in the real world, earnt actual money, and knew what was needed to kick start the economy.

Vote who you think will win on the side… and lets see on Thursday…

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