Folgefonna número cinq

by The Good Life on May 31, 2010

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Waking up again this morning has a few things about it
A) lightly too much sun on the face yestrday

B) my boots are in the corridor and still smell, 4×12 hour days standing in the slush will do that to them, i don’t know if I will ever get them dry
This place smells horrible, if only pictures could show smells…

C) some snoring from some of the hardest working riders around, who have ridden every day, in sun, snow flat light, at night, whenever asked and never once complained
Gjermund about to explode upon the kicker

Team Jung money

Gjermund, Ethan, Kevin, stale and Jamie all slayed it this week here.
D) amazing memories from an insane evening on the hill with the most beautiful sunset possible. Norway is unreal, If you have never been plan a trip here real soon

E) some new football boots at the side of my bed,
Gjermund getting some preseason training going

F) I have also been blown away by how helpful everyone is in Folgefonna, this guy Tom Erik is an animal when it comes to working, nothing is too much for this guy, yesterday he helped us move a 1.5 ton sign and even had to weld some new tools to do it

The shaper Lars has also Been on the money everyday, working till he drops to get the kicker working…

This guy made it all happen too, David doom here to film has also been a monster working alongside me all day everyday on the hill, filming, digging, branding, inspiring the younger riders and getting it done. Take a bow son…

G) I can’t wait to see how everything looks from in this ride…. The guys flying this where crazy flying just 20feet up circling, going crazy…

And of course… One with the hipstamatic

Have a great week! Uk in 3 days woooop wooop!

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