Hipstamatic – A day in Montreaux

by The Good Life on May 15, 2010

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I just got this for the iphone, and spent the day hanging round Montreaux, and took a few pics. Enjoy

Kevin Backstrom.  Tom West “damn i would buy that kids lift ticket to watch him ride the Mayrhofen park”

Peter Lundstrom, talented lens men, plus interesting blog writer, and victim of dog crime.  check his blog at http://lundstrom.featured.se/

Felix Urbauer makes it up on here twice in a day.  Looking very unpink.  and Swiss cups.  Good work the flirty old waitress who wanted to defile Jamie.

Jamie Nicholls.  Yeah the kid from David Benedeks movie.  He is insanely good now, start taking notice.  He is still very much northern though, so still baffles Europeans with his accent.  Check his site at www.jamienichollsuk.com featuring my photography

Switzerland loves its flags.  Do this in the UK and you would have equal rights people saying we shouldnt show our flag.  Go on the swiss.  Its not all cheese and fast cars you know.

Again.  Kevin Backstroms the future.  Remember and repeat.  Check his blog at www.kevinbackstrom.com

Rolling in a queit town in Switzerland, with an Olympic Silver Medallist in tow in the shape of Peetu Piiroinen, you inevitably get people who want to shake his hand.  This was the spot we had lunch, owned by a very excitable lady who seemed to offer wine, cheese and engage lots of personal contact, and maybe this guy was her husband, maybe he was a regular drinker as he seemed pretty much already drunk at 3pm, or as suggested by the only german in our group (so its ok to say it), he is potentially an overweight Hitler double.  Anyways, he was happy to meet Peetu, and for sure its not everyday someone like him walks in for a carbonara.

Gerome Mathieu, a living legend in France.  Always got a good story, and great for the team morale.  Cant wait to shred some pow in winter with him.

So thats the Hipstamatic.  Get involved.

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