Norway pt 1

by The Good Life on May 24, 2010

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So we landed late last night and made the drive up here, for a little cruise on the hill. Fonna is amazing for sunsets, chilling, fishing and living it easy style.

This is the view from our hotel, pretty sweet huh?
There is an amazing crew of riders up here from the next generation to the o.g crew. We even have a football match organized and I am on the team with Blauvelt and Haakonson..,.

That’s the view on the boat over to jondal. Everywhere you look is potcard ready,

The ferry

This is one of the legends in the house, David doom, true og, doomrider was tight and metal when the scene was baggy and hip hop.

Jamie Nicholls, mason and eero all waiting for the duty free on the ferry…

Stoked… Ettala is on the other team though. Team Blauvelt has training followed by a swim in the lake at 6am…

Lots more to come from this place, here till June, the good life hits London and Evos wedding. Stoked


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