A weekend in Norway

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So a quick trip to Norway again nearly with midsummer here is an amazing summer thing. Great planning meant that we got to visit the wedding, spend a day by the fjord, take a boat, take a ferry, watch the England match, pay over the odds for food and get in some shopping, here are some of the highlights:-
This is an amazing advert

There is a video I will post next week of an amazing man playing football on crutches next to this poster
Please. Give generously

They have a lot of street artists in Norway, some great some not so great but this guy was just amazing. Giving out honey. Simple as.
This looked like the norweigan kings house or something? Very

beautiful, and time well spent away from the shops, please let me know what this place is?

With mr and mrs Gendle, we had a lovely morning in the sun and there were dogs which like the people are all way to good looking and lots of kids wearing romper suits.

There was an amazing walk by the fjord..

The hotel where everyone stayed was right on the water with an amaZing wellness area

There was an amazing crew of skaters aswell just loving the summer. Would love to check these kids snowboard as they were just so stoked on skating all day long.

There was also a group of chinamen fishing like there’s no tommorow pulling out 3 fish at a time for there dinner.

The way of life and the quality of living seems very high up there, it’s such a nice spot and definitely it’s a place to visit.

These are some of the best products I saw on display.
When buying hair product for the better half, I found this beauty
Ummm dreamy…

And then after the uk they definitely have the world second best chocolate

Jamie Nicholls tell me your not in heaven looking at that?

My only question remains.. Did Gary greenshields male his 7am train to the airport? Answers on a postcard please…..

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