Anyone for tennis? Wimbledon

by The Good Life on June 22, 2010

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So there a few things quintisenntially British;-
Going to the football
Going to an all day cricket match
A good ruby
Accents (especially cockney)
Great sandwiches
And of course – wimbledon for the tennis

Now I have never been before although my sister has repeatedly told me how good it is, so when the chance came up to visit I was all over it.
Admittedly my Barnet didn’t seem ready.

The game was amazing and we nearly saw history being made as federer was 5 points away from losing in straight sets to a columbian guy 68 positions below him in the rankings

Wimbledon is an amazing plac to visit steeped in tradition and after how excited my sister is every year it was one of the highlights of the summer.

Roger Federer has a huge following with hundreds of fans decked out in his signature hat and shirt, with the crowd willing him on throughout.

He was two sets down though and for the 6th time recently came back to win 3-2. I guess that’s the mentality of a winner, keeping his cool and performing under pressure.

The seats we had were pretty amazing and were only 4 along from his good lady who kept shouting “hop rogi, hop hop” which was quite cute.

We had a good pimms or 3 some strawberries and watched Laura robson play from the hill in wimbledon but she had a tough draw against jankovic. Better luck next year!

The good life

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