Bergen black and white night

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Stale, Frode and Thomaz living Bergen life.

I took the black and white out tonight, we went for dinner, drinks and to try and go in some bars but mostly it ran like this.

Me: hey have you guys got fake Id?
Kevin: yep all good bro, rolling on 19 here
Bouncer at a bar : good evening guys, id please?
Kevin or Ethan: yep no problem here we go
Bouncer: how old are you?
Kevin: 19
Bouncer: you need to be 20 here
Kevin: damn
Bouncer; yep good night.

Anyways it was funny as hell with the crew, even Kevin couldn’t get in with a grill.
All the riders got awards for their shredding, and the media kinda ripped them off:-)
Frode getting the grind on…

New facebook profile pic?
Rasmus and his new bestest, suntanning “buddy” both who have got their prizes

This guy the monster of arbeiten David doom was an animal all week working 24/7

Greg keeping his head whilst the madness of the week calms down. Wait to see the epic stuff his crew film

Check out their work at
I had to pop one in Colour of this guy who looks like Mike Reid, who was wasted with his friend having the time of his life, and of course Frode was right in amoungst it…

A few bottles of wine I guess?

The bar we were in had about 1 good looking girl who all the young guys were trying to impress. So Jung money Backstrom tried his luck….

Then after a while she seemed interested with mr Nicholls, check the eyes…. 😉

Jamie just taking it all in….
We did a lot of street walking

Alright let’s get the fake id fixed for next time..

Fun night though and now back to the uk, London here I come!

It’s gonna be triangle sandwiches, ribena, and pg tips for days!

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