by The Good Life on June 22, 2010

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So the world cup. We thought it wa bad for us, but France have sent thierry henry home, the director of football quit in tears and the team won’t train anymore in protest.

In my journey to find the worlds best car flag I noticed this on my run…
One side….

Other side?
Ze Germans!

Oh Well it still doesn’t bode well for England, when you hear interviews with David James who sounds like he thinks Cappelo is 2 sandwiches short of a picnic and John Terry who tried to lead a players mutiny who got shot down by the other players spectacularly.
John Terry you are not England captain. Or manager. Or a great footballer. You are lucky that we have a dearth of quality centre half right now as otherwise you wouldn’t be near that team. Concentrate on football, and not trying to disrupt the team, or sleep with their wives. Thank you.

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