Come on England!

by The Good Life on June 10, 2010

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One thing which seems to be noticeable in England over the rest of Europe is the ability for people to make a quick buck. If it’s raining all of a sudden “come on me old china get your brolly here 2 for a fiver” and if it’s snowing I am pretty sure people will up the price of salt and start getting people to put it on the roads.

So with a world cup coming there are many signs we are still living in a capitilist soceity despite the best attempts of our previous government, with offers including the sun giving away free England t shirts for buying 10 copies of the currant bun, some retailer are going as far as “buy this tv and if England win the world cup, you get your money back!” in amoungst it all the car flags are perhaps the item which has Become quite the “must have” for any England fan.

The most I have seen so far is 4 on a car, but people seem keen to adopt this every two years when a major tournament comes along bringing with it more of these 99p signs of allegience.

I decided against having them on my wagon in Austria, the British plates get enough strange looks already.

Anyways, come on England! With wales not making it allegiances must switch..

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