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Well it took me a day to really understand that shocking England display before writing anything down here.  I mean where to start.  Well I think a picture tells a million words, so here is the first

That pretty much tells the story.  The England team, on the bus back home after “playing with pride and glory”

Well maybe we can change the letters and it can read “taking you for a ride and it will be gory”

I mean those 4 displays in South Africa were more than a let down, and just exposed the players for what they largely are.  Over paid primadonnas who feel they are too good for the shirt.

If you thinking about the start of the game, the England fans did an amazing job of singing god save the queen and I think at the moment the Germans must have been quaking in there boots with England about to unleash hell and fury upon them in the game.  As soon as the ref kicked off though it was clear the National Anthem was to be the high point.

It must be said well done to the German team, who played fantastically as a team, passed, moved, counter attacked well, and had players who were comfortable on the ball at all times.

On the other hand our shambles seemed uncomfortable at the back at best, with it veering towards pub football throughout.  The forwards seemed to never have heard of a counter attack and as soon as the chance was on they would run upfield then wait for Lampard and co to get up to speed by which time Gerrmany already were 9 men deep ready to defend.

Englands only tactic seemed to be getting the ball to Gerrard, Lampard or Rooney who from 35 yards out would try pot shots for that “wondergoal” which the commentators so dearly wanted them to get..

Many of the players were saying that if the 2nd goal would have stood it would have been a different game, and so it would be on form, it would have more likely spurred Germany on to even better things.  Even so, if we had got a draw and forced them to extra time or penalties and won out, you think the Argentinian team would be quaking in their boots having to face the much vaunted 3 lions? me neither.

Much will be said of Fabio Cappelo and there will be a clamour for his head this week.  Obviously there has been unrest in the camp, and the players will all write in their autobiographys that it was his fault they never won the world cup, but come on lads.  Take a look at yourselves in the mirror.  You all played shocking, and dont deserve anywhere near the attention not money you get.

Whilst I was in the States i watched the US games, and whilst they may not have specifically talented players, they dont half know how to play for each other, and keep fighting.  They were 2-0 down against Slovenia and managed to get to 2-2 and should have won 3-2 but for another shocking ref.  Then against Algeria they scored in the 93rd minute so they won the group.  I know watching England, they could have played for another 9 days and not scored they were so devoid of ideas.  As a fan commitment is all you ask for.  As a swansea fan, i have watched some average players over the years, but you know what?  As long as they give it all they have I am happy to pay to watch them.

As I said on the good life all through the world cup, it just showed again, that lampard and gerrard cant play together, we need something more creative on the left, and more guile in midfield.  My shouts would have been to play Milner on the left where he normally plays, with Theo Woolcott on the right, for the counter attacks, Gerrard behind Rooney, Joe Cole in Central Midfield, with Barry clearing up.  At the back, Dawson should have got a shout, as should have Joe Hart in goal.  Anyways hindsight is a great thing.

I think the thing which many fans will be dissappointed about will be the form of Wayne Rooney, perhaps the team wasnt built around him, perhaps he didnt get the luck, but he had good chances against Algeria and didnt capitise, and didnt really show himself for what he is.

He also is responsible for making sure that British people around the world, have a terrible reputation, for white skin, bad tattoos, going bald and swearing at his own fans.  Thanks Wayne, every British stereotype just got reinforced

Well Good luck to Germany!  Your good to watch and make the world cup all the better for being there.
Lets hope in 4 years the mighty welsh team can make it to the world cup in Brazil and then the goodlife will be live reporting from Brazil as we see a serious British team trying their luck….  lead out by Aaronn Ramsey, Gareth Bale, Joe Allen, thats a team right there.

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