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by The Good Life on June 13, 2010

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I think that says it all…  News of the World must have been waiting for that…
A lot will be said this morning amoungst the hangovers about Robert Green, and for sure he made a mistake, but lets look at a few things Mr Cappelo..
James Milner had been sick all week and last half an hour.
Ledly King hasnt played for Spurs much this season, and with his dodgy knees well he lasted a half.  Please can Michael Dawson start?  He has been playing amazing all season.
Jamie Carragher.  Please.  He nearly got sent off with that elbow, and is off the pace.  Michael Dawson.
Steven Gerrard and Frank Lampard couldnt play together 8 years ago, and guess what?  They still cant.  Please drop Lampard, bring in a holding midfielder to release the wingers a bit more, alternatively drop Heskey, and push Gerrard up to support Rooney with a holding midfielder.  
Heskey set up the goal so good on him, but he plays striker and to me looks like he couldnt hit a barn door.
Well this picture sums it up… That photographer must have been happy with his position.

Then through no fault of Mr Cappelo, please would Aaron Lennon and Wright Phillips, stand up and be counted in the next game, they did little apart from run fast.  They try and go past someone but the final ball is terrible.  Glen Johnson played for 2 people on the right, well played boss.
The US team dont have much in the way of individual stars, but great team work and spirit, whilst as soon as Englands heads go down, they are never coming back.
There stand out player for me was the monster at the back who didnt let much go past him (after Gerrards goal obviously.
Take a bow Oguchi Onyewu

So to watch the World Cup is now underway, and after a couple of days feeling unwell, we headed to Innsbruck to check the outdoor world cup watching area.  

They have a good area set up, with so many over zealous England fans (who are actually Austrian kids) and insist on screaming “es gibts er nicht” or my personal favourite “was ist mit dem stricktrichter? er ist blind oder was” I imagine you can guess what that means.  So then… also on the travels I found the first car with German flags but Austrian plates so you can imagine the jeers he was getting in Innsbruck.

Tonight is Germany Australia, so allegiances to both camps will be felt, in what will be a great game!

Love the Football!

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