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by The Good Life on June 2, 2010

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Last night the final session went down up here, once again everyone killed the jump with people just sending it left right and centre…

Gjermund was dropping some insane stuff as was stale, with Ethan and Jamie sticking more tricks than you can believe.

In amoungst it all we were shown what snowboarding is all about by the legend himself Terje Haakonson, above with Jake and a serious method… That’s how to do them kids…

That’s a t shirt. KP knows Gjermund..

In the day we ended up taking the ferry with Frode looking like a boyband all on his own.

Frode is straight up money all day every day, with his brother they are funny guys. Just a shame his brother spends too long on chat roulette.

Working on the ferry…

Once again with Frode we built some more night obstacles to be shot which you will see next year…

The next day the eagerly anticipated football match went down, the heavyweights of the black team Jake Blauvelt and me against Stale and Kevin. No contest really..

Unfortunately though due to some riders dropping out through injury, I switched to the orange team, and managed to do some serious defending against a team including, Blauvelt, Haakonson, Matheiu, and the Friday production crew. The finest moment was when Gerome whacked the ball into my belly only minutes later for Terje to hit it a bit lower and make me take a quick trip to the bench;-)

I got a picture playing football with Terje but Jamie took one of the worst pictures of all time so I look like a fat stalker

Bis spater…and if your wondering who Terje is if you dont know about snowboarding then this is the intro his to his movie released around 10 years ago….One of the best movies ever..

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