Portland and proud

by The Good Life on June 26, 2010

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Throughout my life i have been very lucky and had good fortune to see a lot of the world. I think though, i have never been to a place though where i have bren so intrigued by a cities signs, branding and style.

Everything from cinemas (each of which have there own amazing look) to the pubs as above to fish restaurants such as the grotto.

This is porters bookstore which makes borders look a shambles in comparison, books old and new boasting a collection of titles unparralled. I manages to find a copy of a book about the growth of starbucks in special hardback edition which was a special starbucks employee edition for $9 really like a little treasure chest for books. Outside there is a hot dog stand, man playing the violin and just people enjoying their days.

Even the drugstore is impressive here.

On my morning run we found a pretty good loop from the hotel and you end up crossing the river and ending up on burnside, where the cinema has this beauty.

Everyblock on the street corner someone has something stating their claim

This morning I scoped this at a independent fashion/everything store, what a nice name, tender loving empire

Then when it was time for an afternoon beer it wasn’t the obligatory chat in a pub
Landlord “ello mate, what you drinking?”
Me “pint”
This was more like
Landlord “good day sir, here is our fine beer selection, have a browse”
Me “wow, ok well the orange weissbeer sounds good”
Landlord “here we are air, enjoy”
Me – stunned in amazement at this pint glass for a beer brewed by dead mans ale…

This is another theatre which unfortunately has seem better days but you can see it was obviously a shining light back in the day.

Heritage, class, culture, call it what you will but Portland has it all and much more.

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