Public Enemy Number 1

by The Good Life on June 17, 2010

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So last night saw Uruguay play against hosts South Africa and with Diego Forlan on great form they look to be a good team, tough to play against and with a goalscorer on fire they could go far.

However they have one player who disgraced himself last night.
Take a bow Luis Saurez.  You have once again nearly brought the game into disrepute.

I find it unbelievable why players with such talent seem intent on flailing, falling, diving and trying to get opponents sent off at every opportunity.  I mean I love football, and will watch as many games as possible at the World Cup, but whenever players like this come on and try and taint the game, you can understand people who dont want to watch it, especially those who may come from a Rugby background who say “oh those football pansies falling about the whole time” well you can fully understand them.

Anytime he was with the ball, you knew there was an Oscar being carried by the physio ready to be awarded to him for his latest attempt to get an opponent booked or sent off.  Raising your hand to the ref to indicate a player should be booked is without doubt the worse thing to happen in Football recently.
I was reading my new favourite blog (where I grabbed these screen shsots) at who has done an amazing job of reporting the world cup, BP and everything in between.  go check it…
He dived, complained, and thankfully got his tooth knocked out by the South Africans.  But he dived like he had been shot when in essence he stuck his foot onto the keepers foot which was rooted to the ground (not tackling, just defending the goal) and won a penalty.  

I really find it hard to watch idiots like this play the sport I love as they make a mockery of it.  Thankfully our friends in Holland know all about this guy and have made an amazing compilation about this guy.  I know the music is terrible but it fits his playacting well.  Make sure you watch at the end, when he gets pushed in the back and grabs his head like he just got a hammer too it.
Thanks for coming Saurez, you officially showed the world your a mug.

If only Eric Cantona was around to give him the old french flying kick to sort him out…

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