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So as many of you will have seen the shambles that was the football last night you will no doubt have witnessed one of the most lackluster inept displays by a football team possible. The paper in England, the Sun (known for it’s high quality editorial and puns) ran with this headline

And to be honest they hit the nail on the head.
Before the world cup there photo opportunities in afgahnistan for David Cameron saying “I have a personal message for the armed forces from the England team, we will do out very best, give everything we have to bring back the world cup”
Well, if that’s your best, I would hate to see you guys on a bad day, I mean please, what was that?
Let’s have a quick look at the team…
Glen Johnson for me has been the only plus of the world cup.
Jamie carragher was complaining he got booked and now misses the next much whilst the whole of England was saying thank god we don’t have to watch him struggle for pace again, he was lucky not to be sent off against USA.
John Terry. No one likes you.
Frank lampard, great player. Being played out of position and in bad form, let’s get him off.
Heskey I have to say works hard but is a striker and is there to score and again and again shows he lacks that touch.
Mr Wayne Rooney. So many fans have placed so much on his young shoulders but he is just having a tough time.
But then to let himself down in public with his outburst against the crowd, well he just showed his true colours.

So Wayne said “nothing better than being booed by your own fans, f&”,.ing disgrace”
No Rooney. A disgrace is you my friend swearing on national tv infront of millions of kids who idolize you, and criticising the fans. Those fans probably each are spending 5-10 grand to be there or roughly 30% of their yearly income in some cases. They live and breath football, and then you produce a spineless performance like that? And your surprised they boo? Lucky there wasn’t a lynchmob on the pitch heading for cappelo.
“The angry boo boys” scary right?

Ah mr cappelo. The italian. Maybe he is a secret Italian weapon sent to keep us down in world football.

A few points to raise;-
Gerrard and lampard can’t play together. Never have and unfortunately never will. Please just play gareth Barry holding Joe cole on the left, and gerrard in centre mid or behind Rooney, doing what he does so efectively for Liverpool.
Joe cole seems to be the only person who can offer something different in midfield. We have 2 groups of midfielder now
A) blood and guts, gerrard lampard and Barry who last night showed they have little of either
B) run and run with head down. And repeat. Shaun wright Phillips and Aaron Lennon stand up please.
So let’s have some of Joe cole please Fabiola.

Even the queen wasn’t amused

Cappelo also said before the world cup “I will only play players who are fit and in great form”
Lesley king-never plays at spurs, and last 30mins here
John Terry-shocker all season and doesn’t show any remorse about the Wayne bridge affair
Jamie carragher-retired from int football 3 years ago and is past it, so why bring him?
Heskey-not really been pushing messi or Ronaldo on form of late has he?

Then You have Darren bent scoring goals for fun and can’t even get a plane ticket to South Africa, so much for form. Same goes for Michael Dawson, he of spurs and in good mind, form and body with 2 knees which still work.

So once again England are left with “it all to play for” as always on the last game at the world cup.

Ah well boys, the premier league starts in 8 weeks so you can go back to scoring goals for fun against hull, Wigan, stoke and believe your own hype again. Shame these world cups have to come round once every 4 years to shatter the illusion that your world beaters!

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