Belgium – Peter and Manon get hitched

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This weekend it was my pleasure to be invited to Belgium for Peter and Manon, the happiest couple you could wish to see.  Living in Loeven, they have a lovely set up, complete with two amazing dogs, Elvis and Budda and are in the process of building an MTV style crib.
Whats popping doggy?
Peter and Manon chose beautiful Castle Diepensteyn to get married, and did all the hardwork themselves, everything from blowing up balloons, to laying the red carpet, these guys did an amazing job.
In quite a new turn of events for me, I actually held the wedding for the two love birds, which was my honour as it was such a beautiful spectacle.
This was the cutest lady to come to the wedding, Elisa, who was in charge of throwing out the flower petals. Only 2 years old and already talking French and Norweigan, better than most grown ups.
Leuven where Peter and Manon live, is responsible for bringing us this product.
Peter and Manon produced some amazing chocolate for us guests, and some great slideshows for the crowd.  It must be said aswell, that these two and their first dance.  That was something to behold.  Both of them looked like they had been taking part in dancing with the stars for the last 10 years, smooth feet….
There was an amazing set up at the castle, with the red carpet and ceremony area specially built.
As part of the after wedding celebrations, there was a huge selection of beers which you can partake of, this was one that I tackled around 2am, which might have some reason for my slowness of the mark getting up and at them this morning.
The Bride, Groom, Best man Fabio, Maid of Honour Maria, plus the bridesmaids, and “best men” is that a real term?  Anyways, they all looked fantastic with their made to measure outfits.
Peter and Manon also managed to negotiate themselves a couple of these rides, VW Phaeton, so the obligatory wedding photos for his boss will have done him good in the office.
Thank you for an amazing time, and a beautiful wedding!
Peter and Manon, enjoy your honey moon, this is what you can expect of Bali

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