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FIFA – it could stand for
Failing In Football Again
F@”&);g It For All
Football Is Fairly Average

After this years world cup they only served to show their incompetence more and more as the farce went on.

Great moments when they were left with egg on their face included frank lampards “goal”

Which funnily enough got them thinking at last about using video replays. They do it in tennis and rugby very but we seem stuck in the dark ages.
Then in the final we had the worst final ever some would say due to the Dutch tactics, whilst others would wonder if it’s because Howard Webb failed to stamp his authority on the match by sending off de Jong for this early challenge on xabi Alonso, who funnily enough had no problem in stamping…

Then after we saw the worst final ever we wake up to see FIFA and their new rankings….

Now look carefully and you will see that England, have managed to actually move UP the rankings. To 7th. Well surely to be in 7th you should at least make quarter finals of the world cup year in year out. However this team hasn’t been setting the world on fire. Oh come on. You remember England, 1966 and all that, a team of world beaters with Rooney, Lampard and Terry oh and Emile Heskey

Except he won’t be playing for England again after “retiring” from international football. Don’t do a Jamie carragher and come back because it wasn’t much Kop the first time, and the second album is invariably more difficult.

So to these standings then.
Well what does it matter you ask? Well it means that being in the top 8 they are always seeded as the best team. Yes all world cup and euro competitions are seeded because Sepp Blatter doesn’t want any of his cash cows, sorry I mean teams to play each other, that way they can keep beating the minnow teams like Slovenia (oops couldn’t do that) Algeria (just beat them) and my beloved Wales. Well now for qualification for the European Championships England are in a group with Wales, so we shall see… With the mighty Gareth Bale, Craig Bellamy and Joe Allen we know we have players who will at least give it their all. Wales are in 87th on those rankings, so by rights we shouldn’t qualify and England and Cappelo are great at qualifying groups and beat lowly teams, it’s just when they play anyone with a bit an idea on football they come unstuck.

Please take note. That’s how a flag should look…

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