by The Good Life on July 20, 2010

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So after a busy weekend in the 6.0 roundhouse and some amazing times with the tidballs, kohlers, schutzes and blumes it was about time for some pictures…
Last Thursday was “big Thursday” with toe in surfing on the main beach in hossegor

Big Thursday meant an even bigger evening with amazing sushi and drinks at the roundhouse
This guy was amazing with the sushi

Then for the weekend we were joined by team Ulli and Gabi from Onboard and Zimstern who came along for a couple of fantastic days of BBQ and surfing

Ulli getting some breakfast going on with benji!
The future right here

Charlie with benji the future of surfing and snowboarding. He already knows a thing or two about surf movies
That’s right, he already knows more than me

We spent some time on the beach, had some amazing waffles for breakfast and enjoyed what Summer is all about.

In the end we got “big Sunday” well more like small Sunday as we waited for the swell to get more manageable.

This is a shot from last week of how it looks flying in here.

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