by The Good Life on July 28, 2010

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The Nike 6.0 roundhouse is still drawing in the crowds, with some amazing parties including Dvno, Rob Machado with the drifter and playing for the crowd, surf movies like endless summer, riding giants, and amazing food and drink. If your heading down to France this year make sure to get over there for some good times..

Of course there is an amazing pool out back

The photobooth toilet is growing by the day including pictures of team, local celebrities and the good life.

The house has seen over 700 people coming through some days grabbing DVDs, magazines, sun glasses, surf wax, and spending a good amount of time on facebook.

Each room is themed around the 6.0 surf team so the kitchen is Michel bourrez spot, charly Martin has a bedroom with a playstation an FIFA. Yes Swansea lost on that game.

Get yourselves over there…

The good life

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