The Beautiful Game

by The Good Life on July 12, 2010

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Last night saw the world cup final, the culmination of 32teams playing for a month, over 64 matches. We some great football, some fantastic goals, an average England side get knocked out early on, a laughable French team fly home in disgrace, an aging Italian team get shown up for the weak team they really are, and then we saw a few teams stand out;-

Argentina played with heart, emotion and were a credit to the tournament just playing to enjoy football, and for each other
Germany were doing incredibly, playing with passion, speed, creativity and that’s not a normal description of a workmanlike German side but credit to them they were great and a few bob on them for euro 2012 wouldn’t be a bad bet.
Uraquay were playing well and have a good team spirit, and diego forlan seems to be a different player than the one we saw in manchester utd a few years back.

Then we have the two finalists

Spanish fans celebrating
Spain played well throughout the tournament in so much as they won games, and conceding few goals, but the style of football, well it wasn’t as Latin flavoured as we would all have liked, it was more like George Grahame arsenal of the early 90’s “gets results and will win” but damn they can be boring, somehow thoug singing “one nil to the Spain” doesn’t have the same ring to it.

For all the players with flare creativity and genius they have, it seemed to be a team relying on hardwork to go through, but fair play they did what was asked of them, but not a lot more. It was a shame to see toreros and fabregas on the bench though, but is suppose any team who can leave them on the bench deserve to be world champions, although there is rumors that they weren’t playing because they aren’t based in Spain for the club level, how long until toreros and fabregas head home, for the sake of the national team? How many English players would move club for the effect it would have on their national place.

I found it also hard to watch them diving and rolling about getting players booked and appealing for the cards to be shown. Such poor sportsmanship….

Then we have the Dutch, their free flowing football, on the break lead by snieijder and robin has been a joy to watch and I think many nuetrals were on their side, but as soon as robin started his theatrics many switched to Iberian tendencies. If arjan robin had spent his time trying to create chances or score those he had, instead of constantly complaining to the ref about evything under the sun, we might have woken up with different world champions. They seemed to change their game for the final again Spain, when if they as concentrated on their own game instead of trying to break up the game so much it could have been so different.

That brings me to the reason for is post. What is happening to the “beautiful game”? I love football, when the opening day of the season comes round, I am for the next 8 months every Saturday checking the Internet on a minute by minute basis for updates, and am so happy to watch my beloved swans. The past couple of years the football has been pretty good, but obviuosly not world class, perhaps it’s more that atmosphere which drags you in, but watching this world cup, it makes you quite dissillusioned. Fantastic athletes seem intent of forgetting about playing the game and instead, diving, feigning injury, rolling on the floor appealing for augers to be booked,it makes you sick watching them try it. FIFA need to bring in video evidence now, to stop these players and the play acting. It slows the game down and to a non football fan they must think this is insanity….

Imagine from a snowboard or skateboard background, if footballers did that, they would be screaming day and night blue murder, “the kicker got me, the rail took me out” I mean the way they carry on you would thinkn they had been shot.

Just concentrate on playing football, not trying to win free kicks and get people sent off.
We saw last night Arjen Robben one of the worlds greats, come out of the game looking more like an average player trying to win free kicks and that will stick with a lot of fans, when he had the chance to win the world cup for Holland.

Oh well. Does it mean we all have had enough of football? Well maybe for a few weeks but net month when the mighty swansea city kick of the season, I will be ready and waiting, phone in hand for score updates and white shirt in my back screaming “jack army, jack army”

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