Hollywood, Hermosa, Huntington

by The Good Life on August 12, 2010

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Soon as the open finished we rented ourselves a pretty oversize American whip as is the norm for the states and headed for the hills. The Hollywood hills..

The dreamteam doing a classic pose outside a great little lunch spot, Le lemonade in berverley hills

You can get all kinds of amazing salads and drinks here, perfect for a little lunch…

Much like on the Portland trip there are amazing signs everywhere especially here and down at Santa Monica.
With our team of mr Koen and mr mattias from Germany and the Mareike girl there have been some great times…

The self portrait. Bad as usual…
We managed to also stumble upon a shopping centre in Beverley hills, which you can imagine

The American dream? Or the European mans nightmare…?
Oh well they had a great apple store and barnes and noble store so the chaps were happy enough…

Redondo beach for the after lunch walk….

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