Mad Men

by The Good Life on August 22, 2010

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So a year or so back, one of the finest TV shows ever to grace our screens, held its finale, The Sopranos.
You may well all have seen the final installments, if not get onto it, honestly amazing.

Well luckily for us, some of the people behind the Sopranos, are now bringing us Mad Men.  Already in its 3rd possibly even 4th season, is about the advertising industries in New York in the 1960s, were men smoked, drunk, worked, smoked, flirted, smoked, drunk, smoked, worked and had a quick smoke to relax afterwards.
Brilliant TV, and makes up for not having the Sopranos anymore.  This is what British TV needs more of, Top Class tv series.  Watch the trailer bitteschon!

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