by The Good Life on August 6, 2010

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Today brought another early wake up, for the trip of the Summer! All the way to Huntington beach for the us open!

I got to the airport last night courtesy of mr greenshields, who is going to be in the new Isenseven movie, make sure to check it out as he is the first British guy in the movie. Yeah Gary!
The flights took me through Amsterdam, where I saw my first Starbucks since starting the book about the company.

What makes people que round the terminal for Starbucks at the sake of other coffee? Full book report to come never fear….

On the plane to LA I was joined by one of the most hyperactive passengers you could wish to meet which meant I couldn’t sleep no matter how hard I tried…

Here is some obligatory shots from the air.

This is how it looks back here in economy when you turn right. The others in the party used miles to upgrade leaving jiggaman 10 deep with a blanket on my head.

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