Summer berg steigers

by The Good Life on August 5, 2010

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With the summer and the melting of the snow, comes a whole new world of possibilities to the mountains we know so well in the winter.

All the slopes which are used and abused daily in winter become a Mecca for walking, biking, and a bit of climbing. People love a good grimp in summer…

With my two mountain guides I got a good tour of the penkan and finkenberg, which is a must for anyone on summer holidays in Mayrhofen.

There is a lot of walking to be done, which means there is a lot of radlers to be drunk afterwards by the intrepid explorers.

A Lot of paragliding gets done too, we saw people having the day of the summer whilst others had to get to grips with taking off resulting in some false starts.

Tk max had found their new models.

Anyone planning a summer getaway should get some airlines in the penkanbahn.

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