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by The Good Life on August 15, 2010

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Aswell as being one of my favorite tv shows 5 years ago, the OC is also home to Newport beach, laguna beach and a whole heap of rich folk. The picture above shows it all. Cars, money, trees and sun.

It’s a beautiful part of the world though with some beautiful beaches, amazing sunsets and great food. Places which are new to me but welcome additions to the good life include

Pink berry. Frozen yoghurt with 3 different toppings from fruits to chocolate and cookies. Try the mango with some blackberries. That’s money.
Then next…

Up there is wahoos fish tacos, which has as the name suggests some good fish tacos.
Then they do a fine range in sunsets as you can see…

They also do great beaches…

Mareike getting used to the good life.
We also dropped in to fashion island in Newport. Phew.

That’s a place, shop till you drop with an ocean view although being like most men my shopping experience goes as follows…
Walk around a little, locate an apple store to kill some time, check for a Nike store, then a bookstore to really spend some good time.

You then meet again with your serial shopper who says that she needs more time, so I adopted a new technique.
Sleeping. With all the shopping bags under me, I managed to find a pretty comfy couch and got about an hours shut eye. 🙂
Shopping centers should provide next to the crèche a spot for men to hang. Equipped with tv showing sports, papers, Internet, maybe a couple of x box and then your in business shops would make more money as the woman could drop her kids and man off and burn some plastic in piece.
In the evening we went to royal Thai on Pacific Coast Highway in laguna, and had the “crying tiger” and I promise that’s the best meat available outside South America!

Have a good weekend!

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