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All roads lead to Huntington beach this week and the last two days have honestly been the summer standout…

Surfing has been going off even in some small waves and my new favorite surfer Carrissa Moore won the womens and 50 g!

This afternoon there was an insane skate event the converse coastal carnge, with legends like lance mountain, steve Caballero mixing it up with some insane ams…

That’s right, the sea, a crowd and an amazing skatepark.
Then this one is going out

We also saw weezer play an tear the place apart, running around, getting the crowd going wild and making me realize I know a lot of their songs

Literally 50,000 people on the beach, in bikinis

This is the standard attire here

Then of course there is the anti everything demonstration on pacific coast highway

If you want to see closer check here…

This guy is just living the dream
Talking of people living the dream… Mr Dondorf

All day everyday.
Congrats to all the athletes here and Hurley, Converse and Nike 6.0 for running summer down here…
This was as the local guy won got carried up the beach

It’s a great spot then straight after there was a session with Kelly slater, machado, fanning and the man himself Dane Reynolds..

Summer in California

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