Venice beach

by The Good Life on August 15, 2010

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Any visit to California wouldn’t be complete without a visit north to Venice beach. We jumped on some serious two wheeled whips and cycled the 20 miles north.
The first thing to see is the newly opened skatepark.

Europe. Pay attention. This is how to get kids to stop hanging round street corners.

These kids have the beach to surf or play volleyball, they have an amazing skatepark volleyball courts everywhere, no wonder everyone looks so good here! It really is an amazing spot.
Then you get to the boardwalk. These are the highlights…
In first place

I wish I had a better picture of this guy. He was standing in the bin/trash/poubelle/mull and shouting “1 dollar for bad advice, look at me, it couldn’t get much worse!” amazing. You have to hand it to him for sheer ingenuity.

Another guy just off the main strip was rolling round with a
Mic, a speaker system and just freestyle rappin to some snoop beats in the back. This guy was amazing and really was funny as hell…

Then there was this guy just dancing…

With palm tree leaves and a bin liner
Then these guys with a 5 piece band just jamming on the side of the beach. Love it.

We also saw hundreds of bbqs going down on the beach on the way too, people just getting on the summer time cook out vibe

Venice has so much to see and is a welcome change from the rest of californias cookie cut out culture, where everyone just seems to want Starbucks and to talk on their cell. I mean phone.

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