Dream Team

by The Good Life on September 27, 2010

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So we just rolled back in from Freestyle.ch which was a pretty succesful weekend for the crew.
This shows whats up….

Gjermund is the boss and won the event with the cleanest b12 double you ever saw, Peetu came 3rd by running the place and Kevin, well Kevin pretty much just hustled ladies.  Ethan had some sick runs with a banging back 10 but missed out semis by 1 place.

So it was these two Leading the charge.  Something gives me the feeling these two will be doing this a lot this season.  Both of them laid it down both days, and were deservedly getting paid at the end.  Congrats to both of them!  Just keep watching for what Gjermund has coming this season.
We did a signing session too for the crew, with kids running wild for some signatures.  There was iphones signed, iphones potentially traded and iphones taking pictures.  No Hipstamatic.

This was a new app I found… a good way to shoot a heartbreaker in the making, Stale just cruising along on HDR

The Big guy was in the house too.  4 pictures before i used a hipstamatic, had to happen.

There was also “Germanys search for a star” in town that day.  Mutton dressed as Lamb is the phrase which comes to mind.

So yeah the boys killed it, well done, and stoked to see them rocking the Podium.  The final picture has to go to MR GJERMUND BRAATEN winner of Freestyle.ch 2010.  Just chilling on his way up to throw it down!

You can check out the riding footy here.

Unfortunately you cant check out Kevin hustling on here.  You can check out his life and times at www.kevinbackstrom.com  He is living large.

If you want a good song for the day though, I guess you already heard it but its auto tune at its best, featuring Antoine Dudson.  I think this is what Gjermund was listening to when dropping in.

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