Hotel, Motel….. Yotel?

by The Good Life on September 17, 2010

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Thats it.  A cube.

So on frequent trips around Europe for work, you may find yourself needing to spend the night in Amsterdam, which is a hub for KLM or London Gatwick.  Now a few years ago, i remember spending nights in Stanstead, with Tom West, nights in a Swedish airport, also with Tom, and a night in a Mercedes Van in Stockholm.  I have seen it all.  Quite often you wake up tired, and cold, or you dont even sleep.

So instead of sleeping on the floor of an airport I looked at airport hotels.  Now airport hotels are never actually at the airport, but a 15 minute cab ride away which costs the same as your hotel.  But then I found this new hotel, based on a Japanese concept, and next thing you know, I am in a little cabin paying by the hour.  A good nights sleep is worth it though….

You get a little bed like this.  A shower which makes the whole cabin wet, wireless internet, and a tv, which in 16 hours of trying I have never turned on.

Like Ronsons woodstain, it does what it says on the tin.

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