So I just found this on, seems like i am now a reviewed chef.  🙂  Thanks for the review.

Jon Weaver is a name synonymous with the European Snowboard Industry. He is also a friend of mine with whom I lived with for two, six month stretches out in Austria six years ago. Back then I was into snowboarding in a serious way, there were five of us living together, and Jon, having worked in professional kitchens, did most of the cooking for us all. Through frustration of having to do all the dinners, and through some inquisitiveness from my part, Jon took me to one side one afternoon and taught me how to make a first class spaghetti carbonara with crème fraiche and lardons. I didn’t do a bad job and it was the first time I properly experienced cooking for other people and having them tell me it was good. This could quite possibly be the point I started to wane off snowboarding and food became the dominant focus in my life. It was a gradual affair, that didn’t take full hold of me for a few more years, but that culinary chapter seems almost as important to me as my mum showing me how to make a bolognese sauce when I was nine. I had another bow to my string, something to add to my repertoire, and it increased my confidence in the kitchen.

My wife Emma, won a holiday and of all the places in the world it could have been to, it was Mayrhofen, the small town in Austria that I called home for those few years. Jon still lives there now, in between jetting off all over the world for Nike 6.0 making sure the snowboard side of things are up to par, guest lecturing at Innsbruck University and running his ever expanding empire, watch out Gordon Gekko. Luckily, Jon was in between traveling and home for a few days. A few hours after us checking into our hotel, he rolled up to see us, fresh off the train from Innsbruck with his bag overflowing with basil.Jon invited us round for tea and so after picking up a few bits from our room we jumped in a taxi and were headed to Chez Weaver. Made to feel at home with a decent cup of tea, we looked out of his lounge across the Zillertal Valley at the amazing mountains that surround him. It really is a fantastic location and it’s easy to understand why Jon has settled there, one of the best resorts in the world where most pro snowboarder’s stop off once or twice a year paired with peaceful and serene summers, perfect. Jon brought together broccoli, mushroom and leek with a beautiful home made pesto spiked with a subtle hint of garlic and tossed through spaghetti. It was gorgeous, not too overpowering and the pesto clung to the pasta evenly. With some white wine and a good catch up we had a really relaxed evening. Being cooked for by friends far outweighs any fine dining experience in my opinion and the view from his apartment is stunning. During the walk home Emma turned to me and said, “That was the best pesto I have ever tasted.”
Follow Jon’s travels, opinions and general banter on his blog, The Good Life.