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by The Good Life on September 30, 2010 · 4 comments

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The Premier Season brings out all the best things in us.  Watching new snowboard films, and hopefully getting to meet a few heroes along the way.  The new Forum movie is out, and literally is amazing, that movie is sick!
You can almost see John J swinging them dreads about like weapons.  I have the trademark on Snowboarding dreads John J.  Admittedly your a way better rider than me, but I was first if that counts.
So I have been keeping up to date with how my boys are getting on, deep on that bus.  
I thought I should share a few of the insights I have had so far. 
This is the best ever.  From the bus Barcelona to London

This next one was after the party in Zurich at Freestyle.ch, well infact the first texts are when we were trying to get in, and the second is at 11am when Kevin (the TM) was already 2 hours deep on the bus for the day…….

Even with some cockney for all the good British people on the blog.
The world of a TM. (sorry for the bad language mum, thats how americans talk)

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